2011-06-12 07:13

最近忙著追看賢重的消息和他的新曲。(有機會寫音樂感想時會寫寫我對他的幾首新曲和MV的看法。) 已經很久沒有寫JYJ了。所以想寫一寫啊。

我沒有特別的迷戀他們﹐只是真心的﹐很客觀的覺得他們的歌藝在現今的韓流天皇巨星中﹐真的是數一數二了。可能他們經歷了那些娛樂圈的人情冷暖﹐唱起歌來感情更加投入。又沒有甚麼機會在電視節目唱歌(很多都是假唱的啊﹗)﹐總是要在演唱會唱現場才有機會。 所以練習多了﹐自然好了。還有就是他們現在的歌曲嚴格 上來說已經偏離了那些所謂的KPOP 了。很多較慢的﹐不是情情愛愛﹐ 他們自己 所寫的﹐真感受的歌曲。 我是真心的﹐很喜歡。



On June 7th,JYJ successfully completed their charity concert in Japan with the support of20,000 fans.As reported previously, Avex had attempted to interfere with JYJ’spromotional activities, so the concert held more meaning for both the boys andtheir fans than initially planned.

One fancommented, “I was nervous because I thought the concert would be canceled dueto Avex’s interference. I feel happier than ever that I’m able to see JYJperform in Japan.”Anotheradded, “JYJ showed great, genuine concern for those that were affected by theearthquake, and that gave me a lot of strength. I will actively support JYJ.”CEOBaek Chang Ju of C-JES Entertainment stated, “The reason we were able to gothrough with the concert is because of the power of our fans. People may try tointerfere, but they will never break the passion of the supporters of JYJ.


Talk about the power ofinternational fans — in response to the high number of Japanese fans flockingto Busan en masse for the upcoming JYJ concert, AirBusan has announced plans to fly a specially chartered airplane thisweek. Air Busan, a subsidiary of Asiana Airlines regionally concentrated inBusan, revealed today that preparations are being madeto accommodate the number of Japanese tourists seeking to attend theupcoming JYJ concerts on June 11 and 12. Air Busan normally flies theOsaka-Busan route twice a day with morning and afternoon flights, but due tothe skyrocketing demand, preparations for a chartered plane were madeaccordingly.An official from the agency stated, “Among the internationalairlines, Air Busan is the only airline flying a chartered airplane for thisconcert. We specifically arranged this for Japanese fans to reduce theunfortunate event of having to miss one’s favorite singer’s concert due to alack of [airplane] seats.”Meanwhile, in the midst of worry regarding theaftereffects of the recent earthquake, Air Busan has scheduled planes for theBusan-Norita route on June 23 as scheduled in order to keep its promise to itscustomers.

還有消息說韓國的釜山航空公司每天都有兩班航機從日本到釜山的, 因為在11, 12 日JYJ在釜山的演場會的關係﹐太多的日本婚買不到機票﹐所以決定開一班專機去載JYJ的飯﹐ 歡迎查詢。 很厲害吧﹗





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